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Enlighten are an award-winning eLearning solutions team who have over 40 years of experience in the education sector with branches across the Midlands. We work with you to determine which eLearning solutions will best meet your specific vision and offer a complete service, including auditing, course writing, face to face training, bespoke and off the shelf online packages, eLearning implementation plans, seminars and AR/VR services.

Our passion for educational solutions coupled with our technical knowledge means that we constantly exceed customers’ expectations. Our friendly team members are proud to be at the forefront of technology to ensure our solutions offer the best functionality in an ever-evolving industry.

We work very hard to ensure that we provide best practice and the highest quality of service that our customers demand and deserve

Helping develop digital skills for the 21st Century

It doesn’t matter if you do not speak tech – Enlighten will help you identify your digital needs and requirements with a plain speaking jargon free approach.

Technology helps you learn in a new way. Instead of abstract ideas, our resources provide real life examples and step by step instructions to help you grasp the concept.

Our engaging eLearning resources have been tried and tested by over 100,000 learners with first time achievement rates at 97% and attracting £15 million of UK funding.


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Throughout our careers, businesses small and large have contacted us to ask for advice and guidance to enable them to develop and deliver eLearning solutions.

Below are just some of our clients and partners who we have helped along the way.


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our team of professional staff have a wide range of experience

At senior levels within the educational environment supporting schools, colleges, Universities and Awarding Bodies both in a consultancy capacity and developing successful partnerships and collaborative working with external organisations.

Both partners in this business have a wealth of relevant experience in many different sectors of education and training.

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