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About Enlighten

With a long established career in both education and specifically technology enhanced learning we found that a lack of good quality Online resources was a daily frustration. With the FELTAG report and government initiatives stating that 30% of all courses should be delivered through Online content and most educators not possessing the skills to do this we recognised it would not be possible for individuals or establishments to fulfil these requirements.

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With most businesses looking to streamline their training budgets we saw the opportunity to create high quality, cost effective solutions for a wide variety of clients who need to provide a wider reach, and a more environmentally friendly solution for staff and learner development. As we reduce the need for face to face delivery and the need for travel we increase the opportunities to reach a global market by using webinars and skype technology in our delivery and assessment methods

By identifying and meeting emerging market demands in the sector we can maximise reduced budgets and the changes in methodology to provide a standardised, scalable and sustainable new approach to produce user friendly learner resources that are engaging, informative and contextualised to the individual establishment.

Our friendly team are proud to be at the forefront of technology to ensure our solutions offer you the best functionality in an ever-evolving industry.

We offer a personal service in a digital age !!!

key services

  • Bespoke eLearning content creation
  • Off the shelf eLearning courses
  • eLearning audit
  • Course writing
  • Mapping to qualifications
  • AR/VR services
  • Consultancy
  • Train the trainer
  • Seminar delivery
  • Bid writing

our vision

Enlighten’s digital vision is one where technology is a natural and essential part of everyday life for everyone. This is reflected in the way we create, store, share and publish information, both as an organisation and as a place of learning.

Through changing learning culture and by its actions, our courses show the value of a forward thinking approach combined with high quality e-Learning resources. This provides us with opportunities to enhance teaching, learning, assessment and its management and economies in ways not otherwise available.

Our services provide personalised working and learning experiences for all. We want everyone to actively look to technology for solutions in improving effectiveness, rather than be receivers of what is offered in existing training packages.

We develop e-learning as part of an integrated approach to education and training, maintaining that which is valued and blending with new possibilities to extract the best value from both approaches.


Flexible delivery, cost-effective, blended learning & e-learning.

digital skills

Update of digital skills and enhanced learner employability.


Raising learner aspirations for digital entrepreneurialism.


Provide a means to economic independence


Scalability and standardisation mapped to fully accredited National and International qualifications.

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