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our services

Our services are designed to deliver relevant content in an ever evolving world using an innovative approach that improves the learner journey whilst addressing the ever evolving needs of digital learners, we incorporate ground breaking EdTech into our platform allowing our content and courses to incorporate Augmented and Virtual Reality thus increasing learner engagement levels.

All our products are fully guaranteed so all our clients can order with confidence.

our key services

  • Bespoke eLearning content creation
  • Off the shelf eLearning courses
  • eLearning audit
  • Course writing
  • Mapping to qualifications

  • AR/VR services
  • Consultancy
  • Train the trainer
  • Seminar delivery
  • Bid writing

reduced delivery costs

Enlighten offers blended solutions, solving the problem of finding experienced staff and face to face delivery by offering learners access to up to date and cutting edge digital expertise on a global level.

Global Standardisation

We provide large-scale courses with tailored outcomes, scalable on a regional, national and global level to inspire and support.

Engaging High Quality

Our content is engaging, up to date, interactive, and is designed by an experienced panel of educators, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Quality Control

We ensure quality is maintained through close monitoring and online standardisation. We set criteria to fit National and International programme requirements, including QCF accredited qualifications.

Core services


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