05 Mar 2018

Free Augmented Reality posters for International Women’s Day 2018

Enlighten augmented reality specialists have partnered with IWD and created a series of FREE augmented reality posters.


Working closely with CompTIA and as a proud member of their focus group for Dream IT, the UK community for advancing women in IT and tech based careers Enlighten have developed an Augmented Reality  campaign allowing users to “Reimagine Rosie” for the 21st Century.

Parker Fraley, who was the inspiration for the Rosie the Riveter poster, passed away on January 20th, 2018.  As a tribute to this incredible woman, for International Women’s day Enlighten chose Rosie for the campaign, as what she stood for during WW2 is still relevant today. She was the embodiment of an empowered woman forging ahead in a formerly male dominated industry

Enlighten have also developed an Augmented Reality poster, in conjunction with the Armed Forces showcasing the incredible journey of the Ice Maidens. Their aim was to complete the first all-female British Military team crossing of the Antarctic Landmass under their own power.

The Ice Maidens are the first all-female team to ski coast to coast across Antarctica using muscle power alone. It required extraordinary leadership, courage and teamwork to complete this challenge. Skills that are relevant for all women in all walks of life, not just those in extreme conditions!

The Ice Maiden Expedition enabled pioneering medical research into how the female body copes with extreme endurance in polar environments – the female soldiers endured temperatures of   -52, burned 5500 calories per day in 24-hour daylight!

They also seek to inspire a new era of female expeditionary spirit both within, and outside of, the military and to promote the development of leadership, teamwork, moral and physical courage vital to the delivery of operational capability. To inspire women to challenge themselves and lay the foundations for females in the military to plan and lead future expeditions.

For both campaigns also included are relevant contact details so AR users can get in touch instantly for more information should they wish to.

To activate the content

All you need to do to activate the content is to download the FREE Zappar app (free to download from the App store or the play store) and a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection then just open the app, point your smart device’s camera at the code and watch the AR magic happen!

You will see a range of videos and buttons to click on displayed on the screen of your smart device.

Enlighten’s free Augmented Reality posters provides you with instant access to these exciting materials, linking paper based posters with the digital world –  instantly taking the IWD campaign to a new augmented level, reducing printing costs and contributing towards environmental sustainability and the green agenda.

So make International Women’s Day fully interactive; Download, Print & Trigger Enlighten’s FREE augmented reality components from the posters using the Zappar app to see further information, videos, the opportunity to create your own Rosie poster or get involved in exciting MOD opportunities and initiatives.

Enlighten would love to hear what you think of our FREE AR resources.

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PDF Downloads

Enlighten Rosie 1 AR IWD 2018 Enlighten Rosie 2 AR IWD 2018 Enlighten Rosie 3 AR IWD 2018