16 May 2018

Tackling Mental Health through Augmented Reality

This week (14 – 20th May) is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek .Here at Enlighten we are proud to be supporting this event and are encouraging everyone to download our FREE#Augmentedreality posters to support #wellbeing. This campaign has saved lives & helps overcome stigma.

Enlighten produced the world’s first AR awareness raising campaign for Rethink Mental Illness, raising mental health awareness through augmented reality and are continuing to develop mental health support strategies using Augmented & Virtual reality.

We are particularly proud of the original Rethink Mental Illness campaign. Enlighten’s original Augmented Reality (AR) campaign facilitated easy and informal access to short Rethink mental health videos and links to further support and guidance in an unobtrusive manner.

This campaign ran at various educational establishments such as FE colleges, Prison healthcare wings and community centres. As a direct result of this we saw a 59% increase in safeguarding referrals. A significant number of those referrals related to self-harm (42% increase), suicidal tendencies, threats or attempts (8% increase), diagnosed mental health concerns (58% increase).

Our company aim is to support & promote Mental Health awareness through augmented Reality to over 500,000 people by 2020.

Enlighten’s work has led to significant progress being made in developing Augmented Reality resources that promote and raise awareness of hidden disabilities. Our Augmented Reality projects helps to overcome stigma and the lack of knowledge about mental health; a problem that affects many individuals but remains little understood and is often treated as a subject which is difficult to discuss.

By pointing a phone’s camera at the Rethink campaign posters/ keyrings promotional materials the phone will turn the paper based assets into the display of digital content on top of existing materials through the smart device screen. Users will no longer be “just looking” at posters , but interacting with the content message through mobile device and linking the experience to social networks.


Users will see Rethink material leap to life adding relevant enhanced text, images, and videos, as well as instant contact information. This digital content and data will supplement a campaign, providing instant access and giving users more information to existing real-world materials and catching the public’s imagination and promote attention :

Persuading young people to be more aware of their mental health is crucial : 1 in 4 at some stage in their life will be diagnosed with a mental illness Early intervention is crucial, it can make the difference between recovery and years of ill health. Augmented Reality is a unique tool that really does help people to be more engaged in understanding mental health.

There are lots of opportunities for you do something in your workplace and get involved in events that promote better mental health.

If you would like more information on Mental Health or Augmented Reality please get in touch. Let’s work together & create more life-changing #AR campaigns .

Tackle stress through #tech & improving the worlds #mentalhealth !!!

Please share & download our free Augmented Reality posters and post around your workplace.

How to view the Augmented content in the posters:

On your mobile phone/table download the free-to-download Zappar app





1.      Open the app on your mobile device

2.      Point the device at the poster

3.      Watch the digital content appear from the poster